• OPK tape - OPK flag Standard size Handmade in USA


    Hand made in USA Superior Quality Standard size 4" x 36"

    The Optokinetic Reflex can be tested by passing an optokinetic tape in front of the patient’s eyes, first in one direction and then in the other while observing the motion of the eyes as the tape is passed. The motion of the eyes should be observed keeping in mind the latency and velocity of the response, the amplitude of the response, smoothness of movement of the response, the fatigability of the response, and the direction of the response, which should all be recorded.

    Saccadic eye movements, referred to as saccades, are rapid movements that move the eyes from one object to the next. The saccadic reflexes can be tested by holding an optokinetic tape about 14 inches from the eyes, and moving the tape slowly and steadily first in one direction and then the other direction. Observation of the amplitude, frequency, direction, and smoothness of the saccades generated can give a clue as to the area of the neuraxis that is dysfunctional.