Garlic Fresh (Enteric-Coated Softgel) 90 Cap


Daily Garlic Fresh provides all of the active factors of fresh garlic that made it a cornerstone of natural medicine for centuries, without the garlic breath. The proprietary processing of the garlic bulbs plus the enteric coating makes it possible for Garlic Fresh to deliver the bioactive components of garlic directly to the small intestine, preventing burping, breath odor and protecting the garlic from degradation by stomach acids. Each capsule has 500 mg of garlic concentrate which is equivalent to 3 g of fresh garlic. 90 enteric coated softgels per bottle. (SO, Gelatin, Bees wax, Water, Lecithin, Calcium carbonate, Enteric coating (C, Aqueous shellac, MS, Beef gelatin capsules, GF)